ABK Schwarz

Since 1308, this 700 year old brewery males a “lighter” black beer. This velvety black beer is easy drinking and pleasant. (500 ml)

Andechs Hefe Dunkel

Andechs is brewed by monks and the unfiltered wheat beer is recognized as one of the world’s best wheat beers. We were so impressed with the Dunkel that we just had to include it on our beer list. Dark wheat beers have just a bit more flavor than the regular “hefe” (16.9 oz bottle)

Dinkelacker Pils

From Stuttgart, Germany this privately-owned family brewery has been brewing for centuries. The pils has a wonderful hoppy aroma and was always the brewery founder’s favorite beer. His initials “CD” Karl Dinkelacker are on every can and bottle. “Drink a dink”.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Hofbrau Original

The flagship for Hofbrau of Munich, this pleasant drinking Lager transports you to the beer halls of Bavaria. Brewed since 1455…one of only 6 breweries in Munich, and is the most famous brewery at the Munich Oktoberfest – which takes place in September.

Maui Bikini Lager

Brewed in Maui, otherwise known as “Paradise” this local craft brewery was one of the very first to recognize the advantages of brewery was one of the very first to recognize the advantages of presenting their beers in cans. Protection from sunlight, freshness, and clean flavor make Maui lager one of our favorites.

Coors Light Pale Lager

ABK Special

Premium Edel (Spezialbier Edel) is a Dortmunder / Export Lager style beer brewed by Aktienbrauerei Kaufbeuren AG in Kaufbeuren, Germany. Gold Color, firm head. (5.8% ABV – 500 ml)

Bison Hop Cuvée

Bison brews in Berkeley and is one of the first genuine organic breweries. The hop cuvée uses simcoe and citra hops plus 2 row and Munich malt. Very pleasant – not over the top. (5.5% ABV IBU 50)

Firehouse IPA

Local brewery from Mountain View, Ca. Normally only available at the brew pub, we were able to get a regular supply of their IPA. A nice example of local craft IPA. (22 oz)

Flensburger Gold

From the most northern brewery in Germany, this brewery is known for outstanding beer as well as the “plop”. If you can open the bottle with one hand you should be able to make the top make a loud “plop” sound. This is created when the C02 is released. The beer is good…really good.

Hofbrau Hefe Weizen

Brewed by Munich’s smallest brewery and was originally brewed for the Bavarian Royalty. A wonderful lighter German hefe Weizen. No lemon needed (4.0% ABV)

Telegraph Reserve Wheat

This sour “wild ale” recalls the earliest rustic beers crafted centuries ago before brewers had an understanding of controlled fermentation. Brewed with the addition of locally grown lemon verbena herb, as well as lactobacillus and wild brettanomyces yeast, Telegraph Reserve Wheat is an all-together different beast from modern beer. Light, tart and refreshing. (5.0% ABV – 22 oz)

Andechs Doppelbock

This Monastery beer was recently selected a major news organization as one of the top 5 beers on the planet. This superbly crafted Doppelbock is the finest example of Monastery brewing since 1455. Although its quite high in alcohol, the flavor profile is so great, that the high alcohol is not dominant. Flavors of chocolate, roasted barley and just the right amount of hops to create one of the best beers you will ever try. For hundreds of years, the only way to try this beer was to hike up to the monastery (7.8% ABV)

Boulder Mojo IPA

From the oldest brewery in Boulder and one of the original craft breweries of Colorado, this IPA combines West coast with its own distinctive style. Nice hops makes this full bodied IPA, a pleasure to drink.

Flensburger Dunkel

Another Flunsburger “plop”. The dark is outstanding, not very heavy and simply a great match with a good burger.

Fruh Kolsch

Real Kolsch comes from Cologne, Germany and this Kolsch is one of the best. It’s a pale ale with a lighter refreshing flavor. Frush means early in Germany. (11.2 oz bottle)

Budweiser Pale Lager

St. Feuillien Saison

St. Feuillien’s Saison is what the Belgians call a beer of the terroir, a traditional farmhouse ale with all the rich savour of the fertile land of southern Belgiun. The region of Hainault where Brasserie St. Feuillien is located has always been the traditional home for saisons. It is a warm golden blonde beer, is a top-fermented classique. Thanks to secondary fermentation in the bottle, Saison has an unmistakable flavour full of rich nuances and a slight delicious tang. (Original gravity: 14,75 P • Final gravity: 2,5 P ABV: 6.5% Bitterness: 26 EBU • Colour: 18 EBC • Hop: Styrian Golding, Spalt Barley: Malt Pilsen)

Chateau de Luc (red)

Produced on rocky terraces (clay and limestone), beneath the iconic Alaric hill, this wine is composed of a blend of Syrah, Carignan, Grenache and Mourvèdre. Grenache and Mourvèdre are hand-picked first, vinified in long maceration, and then blended with Syrah and Mourvèdre. Complex aromas of the Mediterranean countryside are very characteristic of the Corbières appellation. With an elegant mouthfeel, this wine has a beautiful palate of wild berries.

Terres d’ Orb Blanc

Grape varieties: 100% Viognier. Beautiful light yellow color with a hint of green. Bouquet of peach, apricot fruit. Lovely, lively white wine with a rich aftertaste.

Compass Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2015 California harvest was another in a string of great vintages. A mild winter and spring led to early bud break and, thankfully, very few frost events. A moderate summer followed allowing the grapes to ripen evenly. A hallmark of this vintage is the small berry size, more skin than juice, which led to outstanding concentration. Our Cabernet Sauvignon shows lush tannins, deep color and excellent structure.

Casajuana Brut Nature

Sparkling wine from Spain with a color of bright straw and shades of Gold. The grape is 100% Airen which produces a very nice Sparkling wine.

Compass Chardonnay

Ripe pineapple, golden apple and anjou pear flavors are balanced by citrus notes and a smooth, creamy finish.

Champagne-Beaumont de Crayeres

This genuine champagne is produced in Epernay, France the predominant Champagne region of the World. The grape varietals are Meunier, 60%, Chardonnay 25%, and Pinot Noir 15%. It is aged a full 2 years. For a very special event, this Champagne will pleasantly surprise you.