All burgers served MEDIUM. Our meats are all natural and our
burgers are fresh ground and hand formed daily.

Classic Burger

lettuce, tomato, onion, house-made pickles, special aioli
house sauce, served on sesame bun

Classic Cheeseburger
$8.95 + 1.50 cheese

lettuce, tomato, onion, house-made pickles, special aioli
house sauce, served on sesame bun

Build your own burger and more…..


Organic Garden Burger

Natural Turkey

Chicken Breast

Bun Choice

whole wheat
lettuce wrap
pretzel (+0.75)
gluten free (+1.00)


hickory BBQ
just mayo
chipotle aioli
basil pesto aioli
horseradish aioli
roasted garlic aioli
extra sauce (+0.50)

Extra Item ($1.95)

avocado / guacamole
sunny side up egg
smoked bacon


american (1.50)
cheddar (1.50)
swiss (1.50)
jalapeño jack (1.50)

greek feta (1.75)
blue cheese (1.75)
soft-brie (1.75)
goat cheese (1.75)

Sauteed Items ($1.75)

caramelized onion
fried onion strings
roasted red pepper

SIGNATURE BURGERS, choice of: beef, chicken breast, salmon filet, organic garden patty and turkey patty


The Station 11.75

bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado, bbq sauce

The Hotty 11.75

cheddar cheese, sautéed jalapeno, caramelized onion

Burguerito 10.50

chopped tomato, lettuce, onion, cheddar cheese, fries,
chipotle sauce (add Fried Chicken for $1.95)

Grilled Salmon burger 11.95

lettuce, tomato, avocado, ginger pickle, wasabi aioli, sesame bun

Bockwurst sausage 7.95


Egg burger 11.25

Bacon, egg, swiss cheese, fried onion strings

Mediterranean 11.25

grilled cherry tomato, feta cheese, sautéed onion with
mediterranean seasoning (sumac)

Kosher beef hot dog 7.25

grilled cherry tomato, feta cheese, sautéed onion with
mediterranean seasoning (sumac)

Apple chicken sausage 7.95

Chili dog 8.95



3 Fish Tacos 9.75

Served on soft shell w/ house made pico de gallo, avocado tortilla chips

Fish & Chips 10.95

All salads are organic spring mix and tossed in house-made dressing unless otherwise noted.
Chicken is marinated in olive oil, lemon and saffron.

Wasabi Ahi 11.95

daikon sprouts, wasabi aioli, avocado, pickled ginger,
seared ahi

Caesar 10.50

heart of romaine, parmesan cheese, crouton, caesar dressing

Station 8.95

cucumber, tomato, red onion, pepperoncini, crouton

Chinese Chicken 11.95

shredded lettuce, cabbage, cilantro, carrot, cucumber,
sesame seed, fried wonton, ginger sesame dressing

Beet Salad 10.95

roasted beet, red onion, caramelized walnuts, feta cheese and
vinaigrette dressing

Grilled salmon 11.95

organic mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, capers and grilled filet salmon

Chicken Caesar wrap 13.95

breast of chicken, heart of romaine, parmesan cheese, and dressing

Arugula 10.95

spinach, tomato, artichoke heart, roasted bell pepper,
goat cheese, shaved fennel

Asparagus 11.50

asparagus, fried egg, tomato, bacon, lemon vinaigrette

Kale 10.75

baby kale, cherry tomato, cucumber, almond,
green raisin, red onion

Japanese Steak 11.95

cilantro, cabbage, sesame seed, radish, carrot,
sirloin steak, ginger sesame dressing

Greek 10.75

bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, olive (pitted), red onion,
parsley, feta cheese

Cobb 10.50

romaine, bacon, avocado, blue cheese, poached egg,
tomato, blue cheese dressing

Quinoa (red & gold) 11.25

pickled ginger, almonds, avocado, green raisin, kale, soft-boiled egg


Choice of Patty

$3.50 beef patty, chicken breast, turkey, organic garden patty
$3.95 salmon filet and ahi tuna

Scoop of chicken, tuna or egg salad $2.75

Bacon, beets or avocado $1.95

Cheese $1.75

greek feta, blue cheese, soft-brie, goat cheese

Extra dressing

Fried Chicken $9.75

house-made jalapeno coleslaw, aioli sauce

BLT $8.25 (add Avocado1.95)

bacon, lettuce, tomato, chips

Slow cooked pulled pork sandwich $12.95

Pepper jack cheese, avocado, coleslaw, chipotle aioli on rye bread

Triple Decker Grilled Cheese $7.50

cheddar, jack, brie, chips

Veggie garden wrap $10.95

Organic garden patty, avocado, smutted onion, jalapeno, jack cheese, chipotle aioli, wrap in tortilla

Grilled salmon wrap $13.95

Salmon filet, romaine lettuce, avocado, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing warp in tortilla


Hand cut skinny fries
Lg $5.45 • Sm $3.95

Truffle Tossed Fries
Lg $6.25 • Sm $4.75

with parmesan cheese

Sweet Potato Fries
Lg. $6.25 small $4.75

served with chipotle aioli sauce .25

Chili Fries $6.75


Garlic Tossed Fries
Lg. $5.75 • Sm $4.25

with fresh chopped parsley

Curly Fries
Lg $6.00 Sm $4.50

served with Ranch dressing

Bag of chips



Onion Rings $5.95

Artichoke Heart $5.95

Extra dressing .50


all natural flame broiled ground chuck

Chicken Burger

all natural boneless skinless chicken breast

Grilled cheese $5.00

Mac n’ cheese $5.00  (add Bacon $1.00)

Kosher beef hot dog $5.25

Orange or Apple juice (9 oz) $3.50

Lemonade or Milk (9oz) $3.25

Milkshake (9 oz) $4.50

Classic Breakfast Burrito 6.25

fried egg, white jack cheese, chopped tomato, lettuce, onion, fries, wrapped in tortilla


Breakfast Burrito 6.25

cheddar, cream cheese, jack, pepper jack, (1.50)

feta, goat, soft brie, blue cheese (1.75)


mushroom, jalapeño, spinach, asparagus, cherry tomato, caramelized onion, fried onion


(.75) chopped cilantro, onion, lettuce, tomato, capers

(1.95) avocado, guacamole, bacon, chorizo, chicken apple sausage

(1.00) sour cream

(2.50) smoked salmon

All egg sandwiches served with organic spring mix on English muffin or whole wheat toast


Breakfast sandwich $8.95

egg, bacon, cheese, fried onion on whole wheat toast

Veggie breakfast sandwich $8.95

Sunny up, egg, sautéed mushroom, spinach, cheese

Simply egg benedict 7.50

Sunny up egg, crispy bacon, tomato, cheese on english muffin

Vegetable lovers 7.75

poached egg caramelized onion, sautéed mushrooms, baby kale, feta cheese on whole wheat toast

Slow cooked tomato, Avocado 7.95

Sunny up egg, cherry tomatoes, avocado, za’atar on english muffin

Smoked Salmon egg 7.50

poached egg, cream cheese, tomato, onion, cucumber

Daily gluten free quiche $8.00

Daily gluten free quiche $8.00

Coke, Diet Coke, 7up, Root Beer, Fanta $1.95

Mexican coke $3.00

Bottled water $1.50

San Pellegrino (lemon or orange) $3.50

San Pellegrino $3.00

Fresh lemonade $3.25

Arnold Palmer $3.50

Iced tea $3.25

Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry $6.25

Extra malt .50

Rose vanilla cardamom $6.25

topped with crushed pistachio

Rootbeer float $5.25

16oz juice $6.25


kale, romaine, cucumber, parsley, lemon

Green glory

kale, Pineapple, apple, lemon, ginger, cucumber

We got the beet

beet, carrot, ginger, lemon

Liquid gold pineapple

tumeric, orange, lemon, cinnamon

Bounce back

kale, carrot, beet

Go getter

celery, spinach, orange

Sweet spot

orange, ginger, carrot, beet

Tropical blast

pineapple, apple, lemon, kale

Revive papaya

orange, lemon, apple, carrot, pineapple

Orange or Carrot juice

Cappuccino $3.50

Café au lait $3.95

House coffee $3.25

Turkish coffee $3.00

Café latte $4.20

Espresso $1.95

Double espresso $2.50

Mocha $5.25

Hot chocolate $3.75

Tea $3.25

Earl Grey, Eng Breakfast, Darjeeling, Jasmine, Herbal Mint